Should I anyway?

So I'm in love with a boy, I think he likes me too. The problem is in 2 1/2 months go to another country on another continent. Is it still worthwhile a relationship begin? Thanks for the answers

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In your place I would the time you have left to enjoy. Otherwise, you'll always ask you in retrospect the question, what would have been if ...

Depends ... if you think you would regret it, then you should do it.

But the chance is very high that you heart you're breaking your (and he) if you then go

Yes why not. A relationship, it's not, so what needs länger.Aber a flirt is also quite nice.

You BELIEVE he likes you and talking already "start relationship" of? Honestly, I would start as nothing, after all, it's not worth it for such a short time - even if it sounds hard. Suppose you come really in a month together - then you stay about 45 days. Great.

Enjoy the time you have left you.

How old are you?

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