Should I be vaccinated prior to travel.

have recently found that I am not against measles / redden / mumps so mmr vaccinated. prinzipiel I will not be vaccinated against it, but we do in a week a klassenfahrt from abroad (Italy) and at my last vaccination before about 2 years I have a few days later responded schlcht to the vaccination. I (do not want during klassenfahrt by vaccinations sick) wonder now whether I ought to be vaccinated before klassenfahrt or danch. For helpful advice I am grateful;)

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Abroad, You are generally against measles safer than in Germany.

So many self-proclaimed Impfkritiker as in Germany (and Austria) there is hardly any country in percentage terms - and is in accordance with Germany even by world standards, a high-risk country regards what measles.

You should be so vaccinated more so because you return to Germany after your class trip again :-)

I would go to the doctor and get vaccinated yourself. If you a get from these diseases you then also no fun during the class trip. And all're stuck on because these diseases are contagious.

if you have in mind there, then let yourself rather vaccinated until after the class trip. Generally it is already at this vaccination. But if you do not still have it now, it comes down to a couple of days not to.

I would not take the risk of vaccination in general.


are all three no compulsory vaccinations. Where measles here are slowly making a comeback.

It makes sense, I find the inoculations definitely. But ultimately s is your decision. Speak up about using your GP.


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