Should I buy a second dog?

But I have a dog who is now 1 1/2 years old and I would be interested in a second youngest white nochnit quite Communication ... My current dog is neutered and total gambled, and he chases after cars which I think is really bad ... We have a workshop in the night he always nebem edema sleeping & a HUGE yard drumrum with a HUGE green space. So plenty of room to romp they :). Only I do not know if the other dog is then abgucken his mistakes and if I had enough time, I still go to school ... If I were to buy one, the age at which he should be and should it be a female or a male ? I would be very happy about answers :)

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Mostly the dogs look exactly the "error". Not only the new will that abschauen of your first dog, but also your first dog will abschauen the new much nonsense.

Your dog is not only not fully educated (cars run after you have him really unlearn) but he is not yet an adult and there can still change much.

Two dogs educate is also a lot more than to educate a strenuous. Two dogs is not twice as much work - but three or four times at least in terms of education.

Small example:

When my dog ​​was 4.5 years old, we got us a puppy. My dog ​​was top educated. Welpchen made much nonsense as eg feed claw. My dog, who never stole in his life lining, made it suddenly also. He made many things he never did before. I felt at times so before as if I had 2 puppies.

Of course there are advantages. Often the younger ones geared to the elderly and learn from you. Only this applies mostly only when the elder is at least an adult. You have a young dog with a lot of nonsense in your head - if it is oriented second dog, it does not bring you much.

I would recommend you only once to correct the misbehavior of your dog to educate him. If you managed that and he therefore has grown about 2.5 / 3 years old, and then you can get a second dog.

Different sexes get along for a long time seen usually best and is also the easiest. However, it may well be that the dog later times watching the bitch - so it is bad with the same sex. Maybe, but it does not have.

Puppy I would only recommend it if your really super educated.

No, because your jetz tiger dog is already challenged what he clearly shows you the cars he hunt ... your dog finds it to be boring just in the yard and live to be making intressanter hunting he car ... because of jadginstinkt in each dog is ... you have to utilize him in the head, go into a dog sports club or dog school, your dog stunted else and a second would do the exact same because they mimic each other and then you have two dogs that hunt ... only to a full capacity (head u.körperlich) and educate because with 18monaten he is certainly not educated yet stabilized, so that it works at all times u.jeder situation ... please do something with your dog

Since yours is now to not even properly educated, I would strongly advise against a second dog! As you have already errraten properly, he will abschauen the misbehavior of the "old". Then have first really much work, which Flausen expel again.

Before the first dog is not at least 3 years old, I would not have to pick new.

Whether male or female you have to try out. Usually against tribes of conspecifics usually work better,

So your dog is no viable alternative dog clearly than his sister, then you want a second dog? and you think your dog will receive the new with open paws and say come on in, take my food, my toy, I do not care.

It does not work in most cases.

Your dog hunting cars, so it's not free construction. one gets a second dog when the dog is an adult is (so 2-3Jahre) and ready.

I have two dogs. 6 and 4 years old. My dog ​​(6) has now been copied by my dog ​​how to hunt bees only that my dog ​​is this too slow and has been engraved. It does not matter age. Even an old dog looks from nonsense.

Energetic NO for second dog.

Train up first the one you have. No dog can alone what to do with space to run around, who needs education and binding work. If you are there now dazupackst a second dog, you dance around soon both on the nose.

And do yourself a favor and read you your texts through, before publishing. Your AutoCorrect makes the text almost unreadable. As with your dog training you should invest more time here.

I ask, why do you you buy a Zwethund and you delete it?

If you the about uncomfortable?

Until you have not trained this dog I would advise against a second dog. Whether male odet bitch is then up to you

Hello !

When the second dog would be a single dog then he could also develop by itself bad habits, without the abzukucken somewhere.

If you can allow yourself to be sure to get still another dog, best one from a shelter, then they have a conspecifics and are never lonely.

LG playmate

Yeah, dogs are cute!

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