Should I buy the iPhone online - yes or no?

Hello everybody!

Since my Samsung phone conked out, I would like to give Apple a chance (please no comments like "uh Apple is stupid, buy yourself an xy!"). I just got from a friend the page Clever Tronic recommended, where you can buy cheap mobile phones and so on. I have discovered an iPhone 5S, which was new, but the package is opened, thus it costs € 499 instead of € 600 estimated.

I wanted now times generally ask how that is with the guarantee and warranty from Apple if you have his phone as not ordered from Media Markt but precisely from an online store.

In Clever Tronic reads "24 months warranty", what exactly does that mean and then I can simply register with Apple, when my cell phone for example has a technical defect?

PS: The friend who recommended me, I can not ask because he is currently on vacation.

I appreciate your answers!

The best answer

... Buy yourself a used iPhone on Ebay - save in this way you'll find a lot of money. It need not be the newest model yes.

But make sure that the seller has as many (!) Sales and simultaneously a high satisfaction rate and offer you payment Paypal (wg. Buyer Protection and thus can you turn on any garbage).

Inform yourself around the Internet about the difference between the guarantee and warranty!

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