Should I contact this girl holding (relationship, love, friendship)?

Hello, I have so met a girl while celebrating on Father's Day and we got along great, talked a lot, had fun and I thought she liked me very much did.

We exchanged numbers and written in Whatsapp and now and then she sent me heart and she thought I was really cute.

But I had times one of these typical pictures sent to him with romantic sayings on it (which you so at FB pages sometimes looks). So I wanted to show her that me what's up to her.

When I sent her the picture she has, however, written to me that she was looking for any friend.

Since then she has not written to me, but now something has happened.

I was with my cousin go and as we walked to her and a friend over. I they not seen YOU ME had approached and welcomed. Since then, we have, however, also talked briefly so for the topic ,, What do you do so? How are you? ". Do you know determined. ^^

In any case, now I do not know how to proceed, I thought that with this message she wrote to me at the time that they do not want a friend, everything was over. But now I was again to try it with her wondering about possibly.

What do you think I should write again or should I leave it or any hope that it attempts with me ??

I had as yet no relationship and therefore no great experience and would be very grateful for any help.

Anyway, I'm 18 years old Muslim Turk.

She is 16 years old and atheistic Arab.

The best answer

So I can assess the situation, it has been a friend, but what they could not go to the Father's Day celebration.

Rejoice that you have to know them and their greets you - but you should not wish that comes out more you ...

Gruss Inga

So I think that one should not always give up directly ... there are some girls who take longer to get involved in a relationship. Bedränge any possibility, try first to write something with it and build a good relationship with her, the more you write / talked, the more it will get used to you and appreciate you, and then you could go one step further, who weiß..vielleicht is she in love already in you I find it good if girls received not always right on guys, showing that they are no bit *** :) there is never a right time to look for a friend or not, if you fall in love then all this does not matter :) good luck

ps: does religion ne big role for you? since you've emphasized it in your post

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