Should I go to a school or prefer comprehensive school?


I am now 10. a secondary school and have actually signed up already for a comprehensive school and already ne confirmation and all the trimmings and got already a date for when I have to come to the course selection. But I can not sign off actually when I wöllte. There are with us still a high school with G8, where I am already been to counseling, which is actually very good and where my brother was about it. He recommended me to go there and not to the whole school, because the level is there bad and many high school students from his class who were poor went there. I also want to maybe later study and I do not know if it a high school easier for study as a whole students.

The unsettled me a lot, but am afraid that it would not be necessary and difficult. Well, the question is superfluous yes.

Oh yes, and I was saying: I am now in the junior high school not a complete flyer. So I do not understand everything right straight away and make mistakes, sometimes silly logic error. Knowledge I do now should know much more than you would as a junior high school student, because I have hardly dealt me ​​so far as private with any trade. But I mean that does certainly not every high school student - or ...?

Thank you!

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At the end of 10th grade I was myself in your situation. I could not decide between school and comprehensive school.

With your decision you must be smart. If you opt for the high school, because you will also have to reckon with a higher level and your grades will be accordingly worse because the teachers compare your performance to the other.

At that time I decided precisely for this reason for the comprehensive school and I did not regret my choice. My classmates were all mediocre and quite nice. As the level was not created so high, one has accordingly got even better grades. However, I can tell you that the total students are not dumber than the high school students, because our high school exams were all better than that of high school students. Most things are just prejudices without truth to it.

Had I finished school in a high school, I had a bad Abinote and today could not study what I study (Jura). You write that you want to study too. Whether you have your high school in a school or in a comprehensive school, nobody cares. School is school; no matter where you got it. Personally, I had no trouble getting used to the study, since in Jura everyone starts from scratch and knowledge not one bit. From friends I know (medicine, pharmacy), that they have been very complained that they were less prepared to her studies as a high school student.

All in one it is simply a matter of opinion and simply can not be generalized. Want to be a good student, then go into the overall school :)

I'm on a comprehensive school and is stupid. Some are vlt quite good, but if I had the choice, I would go to a school!

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