Should I go to the doctor tomorrow prefer?

Hi, yes the holidays are over tomorrow and I have quite caught cold. Mir is constantly bad, I have a severe headache, rhinitis, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Tomorrow I would have to actually to 18h to my internship, I'm but really bad. This looks to me also. I'm totally pale. I'd prefer to go to the doctor tomorrow because I've been yesterday for me to feel so bad. And with diarrhea I do not go away happy. Because work to 18 with diarrhea is really unpleasant. What do you think I'd better request for a sick leave me?

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Aha, the holidays are over and all the time you have been ill. Then you could go on vacation to the doctor or. There are also doctors on the weekend, so today out who prescribes you something and then you can go tomorrow.

When are you so bad that you can not seem to internship tomorrow, then you have to definitely go to the doctor; if only because of the sick leave - Get well soon! :)

Yes, let yourself rather sick leave under these circumstances it would not be very smart to leave your house at all.

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