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Hi So I've read so often that some as they have taken no period had for a long time I wanted to ask whether it's worth. I'm not grade the thinnest So would the also worthwhile.

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The You've probably read about anorexic. This disease has nothing to do with a healthy weight loss.

Please contact your authorized practitioner and ask for help. Dieticians and many sports courses pay easily the Krankenkasse- at least for me as an adult to 80-90%. It may be that have underage less deductibles.

A normal weight gets you and keeps you when one changes his diet and doing sports.

Diets or anorexic make additional ill.

my dear, the failure of the period is as your body is just before the die .she fails because the body remembers that you not even in the position are to feed yourself how is this then with a child thus a protection function .Abnehmen in itself is ok but only in a healthy dimensions and not so that precipitates the period

to time the period is late, you have already anorexic or at least severely underweight, which is an "economy measure" of the body and that of course is not recommended to pursue. There are other ways to have no period, take consistently as pill ...

No silly id let you're fine the way you are and people to the period fails also called Essstörungs sick if you want to become leaner mach 3 times a week sports and fruit and no desserts

underweight causes also overweight, the nature designet get children if their is health risk that would not be good for the child, so the period is suspended. the nature is much smarter than the human being ...

I think that only happens if you overdo it with the slimming;) (ie starving) but you can also pick up, by eating healthier and therefore makes sport should there be a problem!

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