Should I make me to apologize or just forget about it?

So I had an Internet friend with whom I was very close, (we know each other by the same musical interests, so she is 16 and I 15) I have already phoned her, but we have often quarreled when writing for trifle. I always adjustable and I feel I am somehow dependent on it. The last argument she meant that I know nothing about them, etc., and I think bad about it, but you do not know that it is actually one of my best friends and I still feel bad so where it has probably already forgotten everything. We had advance an argument, where we then long no longer geschriebne 1Monat and I have then written again and she said she was pleased and forgotten everything. Well, I will now leave it alone, because I think I'm really not a true friend for them. But I feel guilty for what I have said and I feel really such a bad person and I just have to think about it every day. But if I would excuse me, it would bring her nothing and I will indeed leave them alone. Even if she thinks I do not understand it, etc. What should I do? Wait until the suffering ends? -_-

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If it is so important to you, then I would write anyway. Write to her at least what's on your heart, then maybe you do not feel so bad. Tell her that she is to you very important, it would be possible that she thinks she you would not care. And, if I have understood correctly, this is not the case.

I would give you easy installments, be yourself you, not adjustable thee before your friends, either they take you as you are, or.

Basically, it's still your own decision, but I hope I could help you somehow anyway: D

"... I will now leave it alone, because I think I'm really not a true friend for them." In other words, even though you yourself are quite think some things would change about you worthy, you want to do you prefer the easy way go and leave everything as it is, rather than to prove yourself as a true friend and ergo to take the necessary cosmetic changes on yourself the time to attack. Say you feel the situation is not good, you plaguing your conscience and ergo an apology would be therefore the obvious and mainly speaks in peace times together about everything and if possible then personally.

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