should I my gym teacher say that I carve me?

Hey, I'm 14y.o. male before about 1 year is one of my dogs died and half a year later one and half a jar later is the last deceased (yes we had 3 dogs) that made me already finished VERY and bullying in the school has made it even more complete (the worst is no understanding for that I had got on the klassenfahrt much crying because I just can not cope with it that has died our dog but that no one has understood but bullied me even more because I cried hab) also we are doing finan targeted not very good thus I am in the school always pulled back further to get depression and started zuritzen me and even suicidal thoughts get why I'm now very afraid because we now have swimming lessons at school and can scars you do not cover are defenetiv too deep should I my gym teacher the whole truth to tell but I then fear he must send me to school social worker and she tells my parents even if it has discretion if you suizindale thoughts then they tell my parents and I will not therefore my question is I have my gym teacher say that I carve me depression and have suicidal thoughts have ??? Thanks for read sorry for all the spelling errors Thanks in advance lg

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I know that you will not hear the. But you should get help.

As you have found yourself, are you going to the cracks probably not last forever "hide". And that other people find not great burdens you basically, respectively what they could do if they find out.

A psychologist might possibly give a dispensation that you do not have to swim, then it does not look the same all. And who is with pain as bypasses always very individual. You're stark degree Sch ** ss through the losses and the bullying. Test you not yourself nor persuade more guilt, but simply to assume that you have problems that you do not get baked alone. Some are completely independent of you - some you can also influence with some help maybe.

I had a colleague who has earlier also carved, she now has a great job, 2 Uniabschlüsse and 2 children. They seem to be really happy and no longer carves itself. Unfortunately it was not unassisted also with her. Pick help, and let help. Then you find hope in you the strength to get through this all, to grow and to find happiness in your life again.

Do not you have stopped doing to scratch you? For the first Währe a sensible step. I think you can tell your gym teacher. He may have got a few tips for you. I hope you have no more suicidal thoughts, for that is never a solution. Holding her head up always, there is a life after school, where you can make a completely new start. So get the best out of your life, you have only one thing and that is very precious.

I have and do it too and have the add on poor Because you ask in Sport Why I a sweatshirt on Hab. so I told it and nothing happened ... at the weekend I did it again on the legs ... Because in sports nobody sees it ...

while swimming already I think you can talk to them and in Ne therapy you sure do not. I'm more concerned about the classmates that the dub you as em o. I keep getting told Let the cal iss but I personally cover my mental Schmertz so. I am 15 (m) and have no friends love my GUTTER left me and my mother is dead. These are my reasons. I can play only say either offenwn cards or you buy cream for scars that brings genuine long what

Kandahar is right.

You are 14 years alt.JA, it's sad what vorfiel, but at that age you have to know that living things mortal sind.Und you have to deal with their death can or with your Gefühlen.Dass you abuse this as an opportunity maim you, may not be so well.

What you have now are serious psychological problems, but from completely ridiculous reasons that the dog died one year in proportion to the stehen.Und, is frankly good for Tiere.Es is bad, and it's sad but the Hungen was not doing well when their companions died on the sind.Dass passes quickly .....

I can understand the grief, but not that you therefore think about suicide and hurt you.

Never mind whether you realizes it or not, you do need Hilfe.Du have to this social worker and your parents have to wissen.Du the have not to decide, you need professional help.

Speech immediately with this Lehrer.Falls you do not, I hope he sees this and intervene.

This is only the Betse.

If you dare tus to talk to him about when he sends you to Psycho aunt, talk it out with her, maybe it help you, too?

And to kill her you have is that this is not to get rid of ...

I'm glad that was not invented in my time the cracks. Nowadays her kiddies take absolutely everything as an opportunity to maim you and makes you so even more problems. How did we actually then blows coped without falling directly into a depression or contemplating suicide or cracks?

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