Should I parties in your home?

Hello :) So I need you urgently advice from outsiders. First FYI: I am 15 years and go into the 9th grade. My friend, we'll call Lisa, has a buddy, we'll call him Tim. They met about a year ago to know and write real deal on Whatsapp. Since I was there when they first met (was at a festival) I know him well and know Lisa also. I also have often talked with him and we are currently writing a little, she knows it. Lisa Circle consists rather of girls, because we are on a girls' school. For a time I was not quite clear whether Lisa is perhaps not even a little bit in love with Tim. (By now already, it is not.) Last week, threw a small house party a buddy of mine, there I was. Tim came, I did not know beforehand, however. Lisa knows that Tim was there, that's believable also no problem for them. Morning want the guys who organized the party again throw a. But this time home at Tim. On the one hand I would but mega like to go on the other hand, I so afraid that Lisa somehow then mad at me is when I'm with Tim at home .. I realize that I need to tell her, because if sies then learns from Tim that I just in it would have the goofy. I think Lisa is also a bit "proud" with Tim to be friends, because it is in our district well known and such. what do you think how can I tell her that? Somehow I'm afraid that they do not want that I have something to do with him. What do you think about it? I know this is quite complicated but you have employed me. Thank did you read the text! :)

Best wishes and ever thanks for the replies. :)

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I think you tell her simply by the way, that is At Tim ne house party and you want to go there, but you do not know how you want to do your hair, .... If it helps you, then you realize even if they do not like or if she does not care. If it is not on it, then you take it to her, yes, not away. And the pride they do not lose really, if you're going out there, because it is, indeed, remain friends with the. Then I wish you good luck and fun times at the party.

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Just ask if you may bring a friend and take Lisa with

I would ask him if that would be a problem if it comes along because you actually becoming a lot under take together !! And they wonder whether they just want to come up with if they say yes well, if not then well

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