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It occurs to me since 2 days that my friend always has new bruises on the wrist. Since she is still sedated in intensive care at the moment, I wondered where these come from me and asked the attending physician. He could however not explain and was somewhat at a loss.

Now today I have a nurse accidentally observed (it is probably new) has as my girlfriend (by my standards) brutally pulled up at the wrists. Here her head back and attacked and it really did not look very professional. When I made myself heard, I had the impression that it has become frightened and has suddenly completely different to them cared.

Apart from that it has serious injuries in the abdomen and in the brain, and (I am of the opinion) that one there should be more careful with someone, I wonder now whether I should tell the doctor in my observation ??? Can I request that this sister no longer comes close to my girlfriend?

I'm afraid that it would offer a rough back any bleeding occur, but do not want the same someone might do wrong, and I look at it only as such.

Perhaps more important: living will / durable power of attorney is present and am registered there.

The best answer

A lying person may be hoisted on garkeinen case at the wrists!

Even if a person can- help as there is enough muscle to flex in order to keep the body, it is to be moved very painful in this way. Your girlfriend is sedated and NOT can help! No one would move a baby in this way, and a severely injured adult human is also, help - and defenseless like a baby!

And if she has injuries in the brain / head, then an involuntary movement of the head back and forth (oscillate) cause bleeding in the head, or reinforce existing bleeding.

The tug at the Handeglenken affects shoulder - arm - and wrist, spine, the entire muscle. the abdomen is stretched, which is more than counterproductive for violations in the area.

The borders not to assault what this sister has done, that IS injury!

Not only responsive, but show!

This sister has not only not know their behavior is inhuman and borders on the homicidal!

So, I would adapt the hierarchy approach ... and also objectively interested. The doctor o. OA to say the whole thing, probably brings on all the faces, only anger + frustration and stress. For doctors and nurses while working together, but doctors are not the 'Next superiors' the sisters! (2 different professions / areas) Maybe you should first with the nurse manager talk, this should show no success, there are in each Kh, usually a nursing management (this is responsible for the entire Sisterhood). One could also with the quality management of the house to get in touch (these are usually very grateful for such instructions), because only if one gets told dissatisfaction misconduct, you can correct them! To insist that this nurse is no longer working on that patient / client ... hmm, schwierig..woher do you know if she got there not also shown so ?? And even if it is said that this sister is no longer allowed on your girlfriend ... Guarantee No !!! Staff shortage without end healthcare leider..vielleicht she loses completely, as Statusbsp. , your job...!? If these options, really helpful for you or your friend ?? I understand this helplessness, fear and even anger ... but short reactions usually go in d. Wrong direction. But what needs to happen definitely! But I would choose the factual, clear their path. Wish all the best and much strength. Hope that a good solution is found.

Yes ... you should immediately report the caregiver before something happens. All the best for your friend :-)

It is important to report if your girlfriend something happens and she dies all think that it is because of the injury and the nurse will go on like this without intent. Please report this, this is one of my knowledge already under assault, and they may lose their job. It is important that you speak first with the doctor then you can discuss together whether you shall not go to the police or. I was about to go to the police. Lg missy

why hast thou said caregiver addressed directly? Of course you can the doctor tell your observations. can indeed times with no obligation to ask whether this is the right treatment for their injuries.

I would appeal already. Can not be the one who can not defend itself is treated. My former PDL has repeatedly said "care every man be just like you want maintained"

Reporting it immediately to another doctor, who found something technical you ... there are often those sisters who have a full on the waffle ... report it immediately and report it even with the hospital management

something does not go .. that is antisocial in my eyes !!!! this woman should not do this job

Yes, you should, however, report and yes, you can ask that this person does not come back in the near your friend.

The will be already questioned and may then make observations.

Ask the doctor and show him the bruises. Then he describe your observation. All other mach depending on how the doctor responds. Rudeness by the staff are unacceptable.

But the behavior of members against the nursing staff is often not free from bias.

Perhaps it also came to Hauteinblutungen because of a bleeding disorder?

You should report a higher / the highest rank in any case.

I'm not sure if it is not is even a case for the police. Your girlfriend's delivered this nurse defenseless and borders very strongly to abuse.

You said yes, that you have the advance directive about it. Perhaps there are other sites that can help you further. I am thinking of Caritas, medical service ......

I wünsche.dir and your girlfriend happy.


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