Should I return to him, what should I tell my friends?

Hello everybody

I do not know what to do, with my best friends I can not talk ...
Me and my ex-boyfriend / friend were seven months together. Last month, I showed him my love and hardly was absent against him. I was angry with him because he went when I with my best friend to the movies, has torn a rather silly comment. I also was very jealous because he constantly told me how his women dress etc.
Well, he made a sudden all of a sudden in my chat circuit. I did not accept that and that he wanted me at least explain live as it happens. We made an appointment for the next day. That same evening, (I went out with friends to distract me, because I was pretty down ..), I saw as luck would have it, it with another hand in hand ... All friends are fully engaged and have him cursed, I did not bring a sound out there and just looked at him. When he saw me, he immediately looked to the ground, shortly after he ran faster and let go of her hand. Now late at night (or early morning), he wrote me a message if I still want to meet him and wants to talk. I was so mad but these Ungewissenheit brang around. So I ran me to a meeting. The next day we met us, he quite seriously, I pretty upset, sad, disappointed all together. At first he said nothing except what you want to hear, then I'm totally freaked out and stride to him, he made it very briefly, approached me and looked into my eyes and said that he still loves me, but he currently with my way he can not handle me & not want to leave but a break needs. When I concerning the girl approached him, told me any lies, surprises again he knows it not at all, has not even they had held hands with her number and why he could not really tell me. It quickly came to he hugged me etc ... And then he asked if I would come back to him. After this so-called "time-out". I I'm so naive, for the first time: I have to still worry, then he: Say yes or no. Then I told him yes ...
everything was later again in "order".
But all I have kept secret. (The meeting) would because my best friends to kill me when the desert ..
I do not know what to do, since he made "final" I miss him so much .. But my jealousy is so morbidly and every time he lied to me, I feel like I just can always give as less faith people.
What would you do ??? I'm so helpless.

Thanks to all sincere answers and to all who have the text read by komplet.

Good evening...

The best answer

Dear :) I have to say, what did your friend was not particularly correct. However, I can understand something him a hand because you were cold towards him. Thus he probably thought that he can find the desired affection with another what he has. But this only for the day, because you can not replace a person. :) We humans are very naive in things love. Falling directly on cute sayings pure and think for a moment that the person may be much better than that with which we are together / were. Talk to your friends about it they will understand you. Tell them only that you give him a chance and he should not make a mistake, let it completely will! I hope could help you enough :)

So first it's extremely stupid that he did that. If he loved you so much, then he would not have made statements, and certainly not what started eineer other immediately after the separation. And in a relationship does not lie to itself, no wonder you're eiifersüchtig him and therefore do not trust. But you have only one life and one should enjoy it. If you really love him then stay with him. But tell your friends, and that you have to tell them confidently. So do not pretend you're doing something wrong. Tell them "I love him and that's what counts, and meinee change feelings not only because you want to be talked into a bad conscience. I haab loved you, I know that you give me just what good will. But I have decided and so remains it. if there is an error, then I want that when he does return a nonsense, stand by her to me, exactly make good girlfriends "if they terminate the friendship then it anyway keinee good girlfriends

If you are sure to have seen him holding hands with another is your jealousy understandable to your spot because I would also give him no chance because he might otherwise have done to yourself really hurt. Your friends want to protect you, I think, just talk to me about them they will tell you not just rip your head off! ;) If neither knows you your partner, it's hard to give advice as to the relationship, I think that your best friends are better suited and if they are really good friends, they are also trying to understand you and help you a solution to find. I'm sure :)

I would give him the chance yet. When he again failed you or like I would make statements.

You can find a better he is not serious about you I'm sorry but you deserve better safe :) good luck :)

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