Should I take the morning after pill or it is ruled out that I am pregnant?

Hello, I had Friday night gv with my friend, we have prevented by condom but it was for both of us for the first time and I am afraid that we have done something wrong and I'm pregnant now. I believe that a little leaked bottom of the condom, or it has slipped. I should get my day before a week, but I get it mostly irregular. Should I take the morning after pill now?

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If you have used a condom and there was no prevention margin, you need no pill thereafter. And if you say that the period is very irregular with you, you do not need you too worried if it's only a week later.

The PD can or should be taken just before ovulation, because it can only move this. Implantation can not prevent.
If you want it but still take (which I believe would be unnecessary), you should take the ellaOne which can still just before he happened postpone ovulation.

Otherwise you can leave you (after ovulation) a spiral or copper chain Then insert that can actually prevent another implantation.

The copper chain (GyneFix) I (w18) also and it can only recommend. The hormone is released, safer than the pill, keeps five years is suitable for women with no children and does not infertile or something. Inform yourself time.
If you do want to let you use, but you need a special GyneFix physician. The check on the website:

All the best and good luck,

Philinikus :)

The morning after pill is a hormone bomb that they really should not take ...

you write down that you prefer the morning after pill take to drive as a child from? In the end, that's kinda the same thing .. I would have said

Condoms are at least as safe as the pill when used correctly. So if it is after the traffic was still intact, you have used it properly.

Below may as well not run out. You will himself also moist and your secretions stick then from outside the condom. All perfectly normal.

The morning after pill I would not take your place.

The pill thereafter is inadmissible, the later you take them, now that brings nothing more

You know if you had your period and can calculate the fertile days you yet? then the problem is perhaps done.

The morning after pill is for the absolute emergency and anything but healthy. Look first with a test if you are pregnant, if so, can ever again think carefully about what you're doing.

How can a condom slip or get buy something down? Have you purchased about to large condoms?

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