Should I tell him that I like him? What should I do?!

Hello :) I have since the beginning of the school year (am in a new class) a flock which has separated from his girlfriend about a month ago. Approximately since it also made me the first time addressed, because we always go to the same bus and since we write every day 1-4 hours at whats app (including weekends) We make ourselves now once outside of school for homework hit and I was about 6-7 hours with him. During the holidays we meet again to learn. Of course, I would like to be with him, and my mother and friends also say that it seems as if he liked me, but I'm afraid that if I tell him that just a sidekick am for him, or that it is still too early. I do not want to risk ..... Should I tell him that I like him? Or I can give him the kind of show ,, he noticed? I myself have often times ajar with him because I was "tired", but he has ignored or tolerated more or less easy ....

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From personal experience, I would advise you to tell him that you like him more than just a buddy, otherwise you regret something later only if you did not say anything. He seems to like you, too, and if you will be too long waiting for the chance only later that he someday sees you only as a friend and not you want yes.

So well, some show it very clearly and in some you do not know it. So in the disco has a young me once approached and asked if I wanted to dance with him we knew each other, he was darmals in love with me. when siblings or something has could you allow record contact and ask. (: He zubeispiel kuckt you all the time in that is a good sign you determined a good chance with him..

oh how sweet (: I think he likes you well, although I have you not seen but my feeling tells me so, but I would wait first happened to more maybe he likes you even very wait first times from and if he shows signs into.... you tell him (: good luck

Quite clear thing you guys are tough enough not your love to confess just do the first step, I am sure he will reciprocate the

you like him very clearly. confess him your love ... then at least you know where you stand,

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