Should I this weekend had better not make a real sport and relax?

Morning Community,

Actually, I'm sort of really obsessed with sports and do that even most of my being-there ".

& Now I do not know if I because yesterday was my really bad and I had dizziness and headaches. ..dieses weekend should relax times and waive Sport and thereafter to decrease the week I mach..weil already summer vacation hab ..

Does somebody has any idea? ^^

Thanks for answers :)

The best answer

No Pain, No Gain my friend. No Excuses ever! ;)

Yes, your body do not begrudge necessarily time relaxing! If it does not get better with your symptoms, then please go on Monday to the doctor. And please stop finally with removing on which you have not even necessary!

Relax, sleep in, do not begrudge you something on the Sunday :)

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