Should I write to him again after two years?

Hey guys, sorry for the long article there but is very important to me! I'm already are some time if I soll.Damit write my former swarm again it comes along: I saw him on nem Birthday learned from my friend ... We super understood at first attempt, the entire night have spoken and also very much nonsense have gemacht.Alle together asked what this is between us, because it was really crude as well we understood haben.Am next day we but somehow nothing spoken ... Weil was really weird ... I then with Hip Hop started where he was also there and we have again super well understood .... well, we went ne now so (I then 16) and at some point he had a girlfriend ... I have to say though, that I him then have very annoyed because I wrote all him ... I was just truly in love! well as I knew then that he had a girlfriend, I immediately stopped writing him ... Meanwhile, 2 whole years have passed .. he is again separated from his girlfriend .. I saw him again, because I'm on ner new school .... he now had abi..naja repays it is very funny between us ... when we say hello to us, bordering this on a miracle, otherwise the eyes will always vermieden..Aber sometimes I feel that he hat..vielleicht always looked especially to me I interpret also wrong .. oooh you:) is my wish: I would like to show him that I am no longer the annoying monsters. Because I am a man of order is not clear if people with whom me what is wrong what think of me ... His friends are also pretty weird to me for whatever reason ... In any case I would like to re-establish contact with him but do not trust myself and secretly I hope still that perhaps what is with us ... even after 2 years ... will you write to him?

The best answer

No - keep his character and hold it back. If he really wants to re-contact with you, he will let you know.

NO - did you both changed, it is not going - you'll again be the annoying monsters)

Yes write him something like: hey how are you?

Write it and then tell me how it was

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