Should we take the apartment at the stables or not?

I (21) and my boyfriend (23) have after 2 years long-distance relationship (230 km) is now the opportunity to get an apartment on a horse (with him in the region). There is also the riding club of the city. I have always wanted to keep my horse at home. The apartment is located directly above the stables and is 120 Quadrahtmeter large. We were already 2 x times since and now have to decide by the weekend whether we take the apartment or not. We make only worry `s Financial. My friend gets € 1,500 a month paid, I would turn to me for next year look for him an apprenticeship and by then a part-time job to pursue (whom I did not have too). For this we would bekomen both € 180 each child support. In addition to the tenant must, every night at 22 o'clock finish the barn doors and all the windows of the outer boxes (about 20 pieces). I could earn about 200 € to, as I per week, the casino, the stairs and the toilets brush 2 times me. Then I would have the boxes rent for the horse (190 €) in advance out. The apartment costs 450 € warm, to get about 75 € electricity costs. Me and my friend have once expected gross and would per month for all costs incurred as (rent, electricity, fuel, food, horse, insurance, etc.) spend about € 900-1000. And I'm afraid that we can afford nich. Because, what if I can not find a part-time job so quickly? Or if I may Shine becomes very offensive (eg faeces and Pinkel scrub away)? Then I only child allowances would remain ..... And what if we might not feel comfortable there? It's just a riding club and you have there, they really his rest, because every day is going so much. I also do not know for example how my horse would so get along, as it is currently in a very quiet private stables and is easily flustered. Widerum the club has everything I need (2 riding arenas, dressage arena, jumping course, lots of pasture, paddocks, indoor and outdoor boxes) .. and as I said, the idea Irritating hold me, to keep my horse finally at home ... only yet I am afraid that it financially or by settling does not work :( opinions?

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I think the question can you accurately answer no.

We apartments are also relatively cheap way ... We pay for 100 sqm, garden, 2 garages, attic and basement of 60sqm 700 € .... cheer with us country is really normal.

If there are more apartments? Or do you really definitely need every day, so 7 days a week to complete the stables? Would be unfair if that would always depend on a ...

Then, viiiiel important: How are the horses there? If I "Completing Barn doors and windows" already hear is me quite differently .... Sure allowed that the horses there get enough run and get out not only 5 hours? It is not healthy if you so heats (namely through the windows and doors) and the horse then in the winter daytime in subzero temperatures get out of the barn .... Although space, Hall for so tempting ... Look first to live like horses there. I know empty promises of stall owners. And then you're there in the yard, and if you does not fit and you do the stable change then you have probably right there off. I do not know if that's such a good combination.

And of course, this is with the money also such a thing. It might for the standard range but what if the horse suddenly falls ill? I always had a buffer of 2,000 €, which was consumed within 3 weeks and I still had to obtain bank loans to do ... And that "just" because my horse had diarrhea ....

I wish you much luck in your decision. I personally would not do it with your might, because me everything would be uncertain ... Too bad you're not from out training that would make it easier.

What I personally find critical is that you "reinmietest" in the riding club. What if you do not get along with the club? You agree're not, how they deal with the horses? Or there quarreled with the people? (Something is supposed to happen ;-)).

The accommodation for the size sounds so low. But you then suddenly seems to take responsibility for the stable, where you shall include everything. Who would stand in for you if you can not, because you are on vacation or just want time to go away in the evening.

I can well understand that you want your horse near'd like to have, but that's quite a transition with a lot of responsibility. On top of that you then "suddenly" living together. I know this because I myself had a long-distance relationship for a long time. It's a transition. The more responsibility and challenges her to you appropriates such. As this apartment, the harder it is. I will not say that you shall not do it. Listen to your inner voice, what you really want.

The apartment costs 450 € warm,

Spotz. Keuch. For a 120 sqm apartment? Is the North Sea on a holm or raining there? Here in the area so what is not to get less than 1500 euros.

€ 450 warm for 120m²? That would - roughly - a rental income of approximately 2 € / m².

There must somewhere be a catch, therefore caution is advisable.

Regardless: Basically, the monthly rent should be no more than 1/3 of your monthly income. That would be with you to ensure that before.

Whether you explore not feeling well, or not enough money there, you can answer none.

The risk you have but also in every other apartment.

We can not make decisions for you / you, but your fears are so serious that I would advise you!

You give up EVERYTHING and go without financial. Backing into the unknown!

It is ne Long distance, for you and your horse,
remember but that you're getting into here in this forum on reactions and decisions of strangers,
have no idea about you, your life and your relationship.

What so private that is concerned things rather the wrong place to ask this.
You have to listen to yourself and decide it with you and your partner.

Strange people are here, unfortunately the wrong point to seek some help.

All good!

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