Should we take the pill during menstruation or after first?

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Hello isthatreallyher

If you take the very first pill on the first day of the period (one has to 24 hours to) then protects them immediately, they are taken at a different time then you have to at least 7 days so regularly take the protection occurs. When pill Qlaira that is 9 days.

You take the pill then 21 days then do seven days rest and start on day 8 again with the first pill of the new blister, regardless of whether you had a bleeding or if they are still holding.

If you take the pill regularly, not vomiting, no diarrhea has and no medication takes impair the effectiveness of the pill, you have taken regularly before the break at least 14 days on the pill, the break does not last longer than 7 days and one on. 8 again carries on the day with the pill, then you are protected during the break, and immediately thereafter, to 99.9%. The pill is one of the safest contraceptives and if you are both healthy you can do without the condom and he can also come in you. It is also with vomiting and diarrhea continue to be protected if you respond correctly and a pill nachnimmt when it happens within 4 hours after taking the pill. When diarrhea is one in this case diarrhea only aqueous.

Thus, the pill can not forget you save the memory into the phone. You can also pack next to the coffee machine, next to the coffee cups or next to the toothbrush place.

Our experience has shown that it is safer to take the pill in the morning. It is usually at the same time and on the weekends if you get up again later makes the time difference does not matter if is in the package insert your pill that can be a forgotten pill nachnehmen up to 12 hours. In addition, we then have all day nachzunehmen to a forgotten pill. Dinner is more on the go and then sees the time.

Greetings HobbyTfz

It all depends on whether you take the pill for the first time or not! If so you start on the first day of your period and take the pill through to the end, then uses your circulation and after a 7-day break you start the next pack!

Something really explains the doctor and in the package leaflet there is auch.Wenn you the pill for the first time, you normally begin on the first day of the period.

you start on the 1st day of your period with the first pill on, take it then 21 days doing 7-day break, during the 7 days, the bleeding should begin ..... regardless of you take it back 21 days / 7 days Pause 21/7 etc / etc. .... but if you have declared all your gynecologist ....?

There are beibackzettel. Each pill is different, les best about your pills packing after, then you point it


Also, I would advise you to go to your gynecologist you trust, so you can get a solution tailored to you advice! In addition, you let test for compatibility of different "companies", lest afterwards but comes as a surprise;)

MfG ichhabimmerGF

Do you think the first time ??

For the first time you take the pill on the 1st day of your period. Then you're also protected immediately. Mix them at 2-5 day to take the first time, then you are protected but only after 7 days.

Is also the way everything in the package insert.

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