Should we take the square root? Quadratic equations.

I have a rectangle with the area 625 cm ^. 2 One side is 30 cm longer than the other side. Anyway, I have x * x + 30 = 625 cm ^ 2 - Should we take the square root or deduct 30 cm? I need an approach.

The best answer

Only minus 30, then you have x2 = 595cm2

Then then take the square root,

ie x = about 24,39

Your approach is wrong: Forgot clip!

Proper approach: x • (x + 30) = 625

First there is (x + 30). The clip must not forget.

Finally, here are the complete solution with qE

Keyword pq-formula.

At least I have so what rausbekommen which also fit in the sample. Although I do not quite understand the particularity of the result itself.

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