Should we wait for riding lessons?

So if you have to wait like WEEKS or not you there? You're gonna get as an appointment and when the then ca

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to the stable, where I take lessons, we currently have two and a half pages waiting list. The barn is full with about 30 school horses 125 riding students. Since it can take up to a fixed place on the course, two years, if you do not care for the place seen and does not participate in the weekend offers. With us it is depending on ability for people from outside possible on these services say terrain riding lessons, participate withdrawals, courses and upon request depending on the season and therefore time individual lessons. Who can look often with us in the waiting period, is sympathetic and the skill, which you then yes can appreciate good, good in a group in which a seat becomes available, reinpasst, comes faster with us on a permanent place.

In riding schools with not such a big catchment area or a not so good reputation, it may also be that you get spontaneously once a place.

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No, driving most directly in the stable. Since you can then similar with a riding instructor make an appointment.

The will you only learn at the stables. I do not know how full the diary with you.

one we have to wait dkeine weeks. That's also a service provider. to call and you get a good answer.

So if you have to like you because waiting WEEKS

No, there is relatively fast lift someone and talk to you. Then you will also learn what you need to know.

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