Sick Cousin help!

Hey guys. This question I've ever asked but no matter. And my cousin is sick, I do not know what he has before 6 hours as we were in the restaurant, he had severe headaches and could not eat. But now he has passed and it is not going well. It has worsened everything. Have you vllt an idea what it could be, I would be very happy to answer any, hope you also help me: D MFG I currently very anxious about him help !!

The best answer

Did he vllt before already eaten something? May be he has taken something bad to be

But if it only worsened, I would find it better to take him to the hospital

Or at least tell your parents about

Could a flu, but I would definitely go quickly to the doctor, especially if you make his state anxiety is always to do better too much than too little

Go rather visit the hospital.

Have you ever considered the option in circumstances, to call a doctor ???

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