sick message imMidijob, the sickness, the employer must pay (with AU)?

My son works in a job Midi to 850 Euro Basis.Er was sick 3 days, but the employer has not paid these days although AU was present by the doctor.

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How long your son has been working there? If there are less than four weeks, he gets his money from the insurance company.

On which days your son is working and on which days he was declared unfit for work?

When was your son where he has to work on days incapacitated, and he is already more than four weeks in operation, the AG has to pay these days as if he had worked.

Here the rent loss principle applies in accordance with § 4 Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetz: "The Contractor is to continue to pay the due to him in governing it normal working wage."

Was your son but on days sick where he would not have worked anyway, he can also request for no money.

Then your son was perhaps even continuously employed less than four weeks of the employment relationship. Entitlement to continued pay is only after these four weeks.

If he is busy but for some time there, he has to appeal on his employer.

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