Sign for underground hydrant is missing: Which authority / body shall be informed?

Dear community, unfortunately, did Google with my question not find the answer, so now the question to you:

Which authority / agency cares set up signs for underground hydrants?

My suspicion is the water or the clerk's office.

I look forward to your expert answers

The best answer

Your suspicion is not bad. For the fire water supply of support of fire safety belongs to, of the municipality. The fire protection department is mostly located within the clerk's office, but not always. Look at the Behördenwegweiser your municipality who is responsible simply.

The competent water company is also on board, as the plants and thus the signs are which. As I have often experienced how quickly are all in such matters, it is certainly good if you inform both. ; (

So if you do not know first where I would go to the town hall, are you sure to help;)

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