Similar films like Halloween or collector?

Search as already is similar films such as Halloween, The Collector, Chainsaw Massacre, etc! So horror movies, but not "unrealistic" so some spirits .... Saw I already know everyone, even finaldestination

thank you

The best answer

Bloody Reunion

Invitation Only


Daddys Little Girl

Eden Lake



Camp Evil


Hatchet trilogy



Silent Night (Original + Remake)

X-Ray 1

Bloody Valentine (Original + Remake)

Laid To Rest 1 + 2

Maniac (Original + Remake)

Maniac Cop 1-3

Wolf Creek 1 + 2

The Girl Next Door


Funny Games (Original)

The Seasoning House



Inside - What she wants is in you

Battle Royale

Among The Living

Frontier (S)

The Hills Have Eyes 1 + 2

Prom Night series


Autopsy 1 + 2

Witches up on the blood came tormented (Markof The Devil)

Remember that the U is 18 cut in almost all mentioned titles, so only looking at OFDb or section reports to the sockets.


My bloody valentine, wrong turn, hatched, the hills have eyes

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