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How can you get a unicorn in Sims 3? And it has advantages for normal horse? Do we need another extension as "The Sims 3 simple animal"?

Thanks in advance.

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The difference between a unicorn and a horse in my opinion is tremendous. Why do not the best in other sites. Here is a brief listing: The Unicorn:

It runs faster and moment during it runs is a rainbow behind her / him

While its drinks or eats comes a little rainbow to the fore

Racing and jumping skills are perfected

It can teleport, fire magic (as far as I know also deleted again), someone Bless curse, and healing (what that does exactly I do not know)

To have to get someone who closed with 4 or 5 animals the friendship for life (thereof at least 1 cat, 1 dog and 1 horse)

Then you have to perfect your riding skills and sometime at night between 12-3 you might see a slight haze (like a Northern Lights / mostly in streams or lakes)

You have to get used to the horse and then close the friendship of life you then

If this happened you can invite it in your household to join. From then on you can you / control it and he / she then lives with you :)


Please fill in the next time first use the search function here by GFN - this question there have been dozens of times - for example: here:


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