Sims 4 Collector Edition! Amazon (Important question!)

I agree.

Hi first. I read that should cost the collector Edition 100 €. I went today to me that to look at times on amazon. And have only looked at all 4 versions. The Limited Edition has cost € 65, was also the first that I've seen. Then I once watched everything that's in there. Shortly after I go to the other versions and see that the Collector Edition only 60 € costs (rather than normal € 100) but it stood no discount. So for example, instead of 100 Euro only 16 Euro, etc. And just as in the Premium Edition € 60 instead of 80. I thought, of course, the edition in the Limited is longer. But in the Collector Edition's much more in it than in the more expensive Limited edition!

Now I come to my question: Is this verarsxhe? Because there is on Amazon also some little bitch finger: / I have now ordered. On Bill. What do you think? Just like that instead of 100 €, 60 €? Thank you for your answers.

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if thou hast appointed to bill it's not a problem. I myself have the collector edition and there is just still this sims stone this one can connect and n book with unpublished info and therefore are holding all previously existing things in the game :) yes you can look again and if it is not, and more you send it back easily

But you know that the collector edition of Sims 4 "exclusive" is just to get on Amazon, right ?! (And sold by Amazon) So can also determine the price ... and sometimes to the sometimes go down to the price on the release date! : P;)

So instead artificially about something upset, rather read only once properly and the delighted sometimes a provider like Amazon reduces prices!

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