sims 4 to work how can I sell clothes?

Hello, since a few days I have finally the new expansion pack, ahead I said have not played much. Start I wanted a private business all very well have set bought one so I wanted a boutique open but I do not know how can sell their clothes. I have the mannequins all clear but videos can be seen on the tables holding clothes designed only as I get there? Eat what you want to sell is probably drawn from the inventory from there or just placed things from the catalog but what clothes I'm at a loss on the Internet, I find nothing. Thanks in advance for your help.

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In the playlist here there are also videos to a Botique, look as though a look, how do they do that.

That's what I asked myself until I have just playing around again, and unfortunately I had to realize that these clothes are only dummies, which means you can not sell them :-( you can find these "dummies" in Contractor at Deko: - ) Ich finds a great pity, thought that you can buy clothes and then fill in the shelves ... well ^^

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