Since the 2nd dog is there, growling 1st my husband

Hello everybody,

About 4 months ago we adopted our Oskar (Yorkshire Terrier) Lucy (Terrier mix) that would otherwise come to the shelter. The acclimation worked great and the two come super from one another, clearly they zicken Also at times, but all in the context, not eating envy, no jealousy each other when one is caressed by two etc .. We Oskar earlier actually taken along everywhere since Lucy is there, but both also remain from time to time 1-2 hours alone, as if we are shopping or in a restaurant. And now it is so that when we get home, my husband Oskar growls while I lift up him and can stroke. We have now become accustomed to ignore Oskar only times when we come, after a few minutes it can be then stroking from my husband. Because Oskar has something never before done, now the question arises whether it when we are not there, takes on the role of pack leader and in my husband a competitor sees he wants wegknurren when we come? But why is that then after a few minutes and is not a recurring theme? Does anyone have experience with it and give enn advice on how to settle the matter with Oskar?

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So as the pack leader, he will certainly not want to perform because if it forms a hierarchy then it does so only within a species, but your husband is a man.

However, what it is, will be able to really tell you from here not because none of us here sees the interaction of you with the dogs and would have to judge and even the lives of dogs and of you to judge to why Oskar makes.

Is your husband always there or even professionally longer away, he does it immediately if you come clean or he waits until instant, but what is the posture of the dog from, Lucy is spayed / neutered, Oskar spayed / neutered, etc., etc.. Are all this and further more things you should know to really make themselves as a clear picture of, so my advice to you brings a nonviolent working dog trainer into the house, which can tell, we are the can not because unseen is not possible ,

while I can lift up and pet him>

Why must Oskar be lifted to caress? Also to small dogs can be down to bow stroke.

And dogs and people to each other do not form a pack. So Oskar sees your husband also no competitors.

What is the body language of your husband? He leans over Oskar?

How old is Oscar? Castrated?

As he growls? What is the body language?

One can without the dog to see not answer because you do not know whether he growls out of fear, insecurity or anything else.

Growls it even if he sits encouraging soil and your man wants to cross him? or if you take him up?

I would not completely rule out that Oscar can hang out the strong Max before the Little Lady. None of us know how your husband behaves, thereby perhaps provoked. Since enough so possibly a single wrongdoing in the moment when the little girl came to your house, to which he is remembered, when he comes in the door.

No one can judge us. But certainly it clears again sometime when your still so verfahrt, as you do.

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