Sisters let my dog ​​just not in silence or my dog ​​education! I genung! What to do?

Hey! I train my own dog itself bought himself brought home! My sister all over 20 simply annoy me! give When I say nothing of the dining table, or they make it troztdem it pisses and if I say no take it seriously! When I say let them whining she has to learn to be alone, they go the extra to the dog and give attention !!!!!!! It pisses !!! When I say nothing to eat they give has treats scored without end nope just goes to bowl and give the thing because they whined ..... It pisses what I do now! I can see the dog nothing to teach the nerve!

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Explain what she was actually making them in peace times: They now provide a sweet puppy and betüdeln when the but is great they have "quite surprising" a completely uneducated dog on the jaws of terrorizing them. A dog can not suddenly rules must be followed and will try to defend his rights comprehend.

If even not hold a candle she explanatory grasp them once they make the dog sick if they just keep feeding, they even eat also not all day. Certainly no one wants a small Wal use suffering an early years.

Many people are simply unaware that dogs other needs than a Mnesch which has also need to learn my husband slowly (all it is not yet there, consistency is different ^^).

How old are you?? Take yourself seriously because you are too young or how? : /

I do not know what you can do against ingnorante and "stupid" siblings, except that telling them that they would not want if you're participating in its affairs and in addition: if they continue like this then the dog will sometimes be a naughty annoying animal where no one will have more fun !! Speech best with them as normal and not annoyed or so that it seems to goad nurnoch more !! And additionally; talk with your parents !!!! The you need help here!

And I still want to tell you:

How will you educate your dog to listen to as much of very good !!! : D So nothing give the dining table, not respond to begging and to do! Keep it up! : D If you educate your dog as well, then you have a lifelong enjoyment of it;)

All the best ;)

I hope your dog taking you more seriously than your sisters ... smile. really, you have to work on your assertive force. it must have for your sisters consequences if they do not take yourself so seriously. I would call a family meeting and lay the facts on the table. now rules apply your and who does not adhere to it will get every time from you the consequence to be felt. sister feeds from table = you hide her favorite shoes .... because you come yet determined a few "painful" punishment in the sense.

threatening them with it and tell them clearly that you are serious and then pull your actions but also consistently.

Go out if you do not enforce yourself into.

I've made the experience when people say the dog's heart disease etc and contain only what eat certain. hear it better than if one says he can not because I want it that way.

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