Skateboards: oldschool or newschool?

Hi, I started some time ago with the skateboarding and am now pretty well and intend to become even better and possibly this sport also proffessionell. Anyway, I'm finally on, Shaped decks encountered and and was also to bring at considering me one. However, I would like to know which decks efenktiver, versatile and are generally advantageous. Thanks in advance ;)

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all depends on when it really comes to tricks skating you, then the SIDN Newschool decks much bigger of course, simply because they have a larger repertoire of tricks, the old school decks go up only oldschool tricks ...

cool is both, and I would not pirnzipiell of oldschool decks dissuade because certainly also makes fun ... but the greater versatility, and the more spectacular tricks provides newschool definitely.

As long as you have a proper nose and tail that is my opinion only a matter of taste. Currently I drive a welcome board and only had to get used to it one day. Now go all the tricks just like with a normal shape without problems. And with such a board you're always guaranteed a looker in Skatepark. !Marken/Skateboards/Decks/Welcome.html?Bereich=Skate#top

Well, if you are fit you can also Newschool perform tricks on a old school board, stop falling out just everything that you need a Nose. The tricks have just developed in parallel with the shape of the deck. Meanwhile, indeed enhanced Shaped boards down, is just a nice mix of both. So come now just depends where you want to go trichtechnisch. Check it out:



when I read it that way, then get me immediately Welcome decks to mind. Friends of mine run this deck and in flat-, Bowl- and transition area. These decks provide a stronger and more Tail stand area, which is especially advantageous tricks for the old school. For this purpose, these Decka but also a defined concave and a nose. This also Newschool trick are easy possible.

Look here:

Perhaps this is exactly your board there.

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