Skin come off on fingers what to do?

Hi community, I have my grad carved bit of wood, there stood at the time (due to the pressure on the knife), a round hautfizel from. I trottel course had to withdraw him. Now have at the point a hole in the skin. At the point the skin is somehow red. What should I do now ? It burns like hell when it comes. Please reply ! Besides a photo of my sore thumb. Thank you!

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If you do not grade any thing against you or do have I would possibly try a patch to omit, since the 'wound' heals faster when air drankommt. If it just does not work then a plaster and would nothing lubricate tuned because this is finally open. Cool it once but 5 minutes under cool water. No ice cold and no hot. Yes prevent otherwise touches, get well soon :)

Best do it you betaisodona ointment and a bandage. The ointment disinfected and the patch protects against dirt and irritation.

Tu just depends Bepanthen and everything will be fine :)

In my time there was then just what was it on his finger and good. Today, every Kasper needs to make the net, too.

The skin is gone, grows back, is the same as before.

wait healed after time. The human skin is very strong and regenerate as fast as you can look.

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