Skype crashes 5 seconds after starting from ...

Good day dear community, I have a question: How do I get my Skype running again? I have the following problem: Shortly after start of the program is the following error message: "NO RESPONSE" the old familiar Windows 7-gurdy ... I can still see about 5 seconds who my friends everything is online then crashes the program completely ( "skype no longer works"). I have already tried uninstalling / reinstalling, I have even used a schniekes program called "Revo Uninstaller Pro" to eliminate all the details of the program - it has all been useless.

Use: Windows 7

best regards

The best answer

Skype is the fixed already. It is probably a bug but it is already come out an update. For conversations I advise you TeamSpeak 3, not a video chat but good quality.

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