Slander or similar court action against me because of my ex is lying through their lives?

My ex has played me from the beginning. She led 2 relationships simultaneously, the other is 15 years or older, alcoholic, lives 700km away and takes every which did not open at 3 tree. She has him and had me. She denies everything and I habs only found nachundnach. She broke up 2 months ago, did and caught him, said that we are zsm and she said nothing, he said, come hau blah. When he wegwar she came back to me, just wants me etc. Have two weeks which meant but made then come, you give yourself too little effort and verheimlichst me something, of course she said no but the next day she said're right, ciao. Since complete ban on contact of her need prop. To conclude a conversation but she sends for example about my things from their mother.

We arrived in May 2014 and in zsm FB is now zsm with the older, since March, 2014. Total sick !!

Eventually I wrote the guy and told what it is, images have where we sent us kisses and chat history, ie private .. The mother said to the blank or it comes with a lawyer. to have He said the way that I will regret it threatened "his wife" .. they do not have threatened to secure a new lie well.

She met him and know me in the part-time job. He flew for the Alk.Problem get caught 700km farther new and then I was good enough, was their stopgap and she has never loved me.

Naaja she said in part-time job that I was a friend with hopes, told what was between us and what it is now prevail the nastiest rumors, but the vote. She represents everything bad there and you can imagine that I have invented all have or cast into the lap, that's true but not so.

Have some but said trying to make it not too bad.

She has terminated and complete contact ban since the Trenung.

** Well my question:

Have I made myself so punishable? I mean she has me badly dagestellt and I have told the truth. However, the truth is not beautiful, because the colleague now much talk about them and new things from wherever experienced, I do not know if you can say that I have made them "bad." And I sent her new or old images that are private ..? **

Speech there was no longer over it but the find out more and more, things that I myself did not know.

Was not shorter, short insight tries to compact halten..Vielen thanks !!

The best answer

Whom do they lie about you ertzählt kanst against them but do caution photos simply someone Schiker you should refrain in any case. simply Vergies them such people always land irgentwan very unten.Sei glad you get rid of them but are you who comes to ears that they continue to lie about yourself solltes tells you the rules lassen.Lass do not exploit her your attorney and seeking you prefer a new Freundin.Vermutlich you have not made yourself liable to prosecution but that you can also eun anwal tell exactly and that would be my example worth Anders also 50 € it may look who has not she inco kontasktsperre imposed but a gericht.Leider there are also those women ..

We arrived in May 2014 and in zsm FB is now zsm with the older, since March, 2014. Total sick !!

Sickness affects me here just one: You! It is completely irrelevant with whom your ex enters into a relationship. This is no longer your site. I know maybe what that is for a childish action to send photos and chat history to the new partner.

Full strictly speaking it is not allowed to publish pictures when one of the persons does not agree. Also to copy chat history and publish international treaties. Only because of an injured ego causing damage to another on the job is just bottom drawer, childish, immature, asocial

Vllt you had not meant to put the newest your pictures that was not entirely correct from you. The Upside of alternate I would just me no longer report and let them live their new life when they want it that way

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