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Hi Everybody, for several years I run a small business part time, for which I will file a EÜR each year to the tax office. So far so easy. My customer base to approximately equal parts either by cash or by bank transfer. In an Excel file then I carry a ZB Customer: Mrs Müller; Power: walkies Fridolin; Price: 15, - Euro; Payment: Transfer These data do I print out then with Word as an invoice or receipt. Now my question: Should I even get a check from the tax office, which want to see: 1) Where this Excel spreadsheet as described above, or I would have an actual copy of the printed invoice / receipt should always be stored. be 2) Must documented when I have rendered the service or is it because the time of the receipt recorded. For tips and experiences I would be grateful. Best regards!

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To supplement my question: I know how to issue a proper invoice and I do of course. It is a not Tax Paid Commercial (<17.500 EUR). Unfortunately I could but nothing about see how these data must be kept in case of a tax audit.

It must be submitted documents from which it made bookings can be tracked. if all relevant data can be seen from an Excel table do not need copies of invoices are kept. For the examiner only the consistency of the information provided must yield.

See to the Value Added Tax Act (VATA)

§ 14 invoicing

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