smartphone ... but which (empfelungen?)


Next month, I get a new phone. Only now to me is the big question ...

What !?

I just know that I like Android would (ie not iPhone).

Previously I had a HTC and was quite happy ...

Samsung ... There was a well-known relatively dissatisfied with.

Sony / other brands ... No experience.

It would be important to me memory, battery, good resilience (powerful).

What models can you recommend me da.

From the price please see from first.

thanks for your help.

The best answer

I would recommend you because of your desires definitely still an iPhone. Otherwise, I would check on hitherto unknown brands such as Lenovo, Huawei and Wiko. IPhones keep halt unlike Samsung much value with age - when they are sold later gets you more than Samsung's. Lg

The best that degree comes on the market is the samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge. I myself had the s5 a year long and was very satisfied. Now I have the note 4 which is great too. I used htc one m7 and was pleased with everything except with battery and camera.

Ifs should be cheap and good then I always recommend the g2 lg. The g3 is indeed new but unfortunately has a weak battery for the display.

And if you all this is too big then you are well served with the sony xperia z3.

And why are you looking here not even a Windows Phone? The run much smoother and more reliable than most of the Android models and at least as good as the iPhone and are also virus-free (unlike Android).

Look at times but the Lumia range of 830, 925, 930, 1020, 1520 ... the only drawback is a little less apps - but before you therefore identical losschreit, one should first look if one really missing something missing namely, are often special niche apps simply not worthwhile because the market share of WP is even lower. Just come here, if you can find anything as good or app Appersatz

For any questions please comment on the answer =)

So I have not got experience with android devices since I am iphone owners. Even if you do not want, I would you put an iPhone really fond. The price is a little more expensive but the performance is (in my opinion) much better. The good races on iphones is that they are very easy to use, virus free, and the quality very good

I have a Sony and am very satisfied. The battery lasts long, they can compete very well with the technical capacity and if you prefer a smaller phone, as I like, there is the Z1 and Z3, the Compact, which is smaller but still the same hardware has (unlike the Minis Samsung and HTC).

If Samsung, then I recommend you to S3mini or S4. With whom I've had good experiences :)

Hab n s4 and am very satisfied. Fetch me but soon the s6, s5 would au still quite good

Get the lg g2 is very very very very good and cheap! Has now get on android 5.0.2 an update! In my opinion that the best price-performance ratio with android smartphone suf the market! Did the anrutu benchmark run and be on the lg g3

Hello So it is your decision but I would you still prefer recommend an iPhone. I had at last an samsung and before that only android devices and which are, in my opinion, unlike iphones really bad, because it is always the same. Once one has too much stuff on it they begin to hang and to slow down. As for the updates, newer phones come times out you can yours straight to the tonne kloppen

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