Snappy neighbor's dog and the owner does not do anything

The neighbor's dog barks constantly, running whimpering by the staircase and has bitten the mailman. Despite repeated complaints, the landlord does not do anything. What can we do? The friends of my son must no longer with us because their parents are afraid.

The best answer

And the owner of the dog? With those talking are certainly understand that. Unless Please bang you on the advice of an attorney

Maybe you need to bite back yes ... :-)

Just do ne display.

But a dog is usually not directly snappy. Either he has had bad experiences with strangers, or he feels threatened simple.

Or the owner is bad.

If this is so, then I would call the police as soon as something happens. If the barking so much, and even biting, then that is an offense!

Do not be afraid to call the police!

But I like that, that the dog bites the postman innocent: cough D & laughing: D

Gather signatures from tenants and submit a written complaint. Good is nothing, then goes to the Tenant Protection Federation.

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