so Miss a feeling

Hi guys,

I miss for a while as a sort of happiness.

Now not wrong understand, actually I am a joyful and happy person, sometimes a bit critical and serious.

Last year I was in summer canoe tour in Sweden. Since there are so 5 - 10 meter high cliffs, we are always jumped down into the water.

This feeling what I had was nice something of indescribable, I would have liked more often. Only I have the can in no situation in my life so extreme as gespührt since.

Probably that was a real adrenaline rush for me.

Could I feel somehow bring in my everyday life or in any action here in normal life. I can not ever travel to Sweden and throw myself of ner cliff yes, just so I get this feeling of happiness.

And if you give me now comes with bungee jumping or skydiving, but I do not have time and I am also much too expensive.

I miss the feeling of genuine, reminding me not bekomm from my head.

Thanks for good tips.


The best answer

Enjoy simply the memory, and look that you can drive again there, and maybe if you just find those challenges cool, you can indeed times go climbing, or kayaking, (which is the coolest experience for me) or trenches sometimes look, what's so for clubs in the area, which also highlights ungewöhnlihcere things.

I also sometimes longing for certain Dingen- so I characterize the greetings Know-love

do sports, move you. Go to bed early, get up early. from fast and to a bit, no alcohol could help anything.

I know this feeling ... I've always surfing ... And I'm still waiting on every summer until I can go to Spain because I surf then day and night. But there probably help search nothing we like cliffs. For example, there's the Danube Valley (Southern Germany) a few of which you can jump down (for example in the Danube). Can indeed times googling. I also sometimes alternatives, for example, I go on Pfingsferien sometimes to Texel (in my opinion the most beautiful place in the world) and surf there. Or in any lakes. Pick alternatives, and if all that does not work (for me happy you are not 100%), then you have to hold back to Sweden ...;) Good luck in finding)

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