So people it goes back to the number pi

So my question is how I can calculate the circle number pi I've obviously been looked at since googke but came no direkre formula and now I'm here and thank you for all sensible reply

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Under one finds over 100 algorithms to calculate the number pi = A000796

What is important: HOW MUCH fractions and in which form.

If you sufficient accuracy of calculators, you need only asin (1) * 2 or atan (1) * 4 to calculate. BUT calculator count internally only with approximate formulas!

One can calculate Pi with prime numbers or Fibonacci numbers. For many algorithms exist for LINK Iterationsrechner, the computer considers the online.

The world champion is currently using the sum under §2b with 14 points per iteration, because here only one root exists. With y cruncher.exe can even calculate (64-bit PC with 8GB RAM) 1 billion points in 4 minutes.

Note: almost all of these algorithms (except Wurz Elite rations) may at any point be terminated and the interim results are expressed as a fraction.

One of the fastest iterations §4d: Convergence 16. order has already after 4 iterations over 10,000 right places. BUT must be calculated per iteration 2 fourth roots, again via iteration (convergence 2nd order) ...

All floating-point less than 100 can not readily be represented by other constants or breakages. Record is a constant close to pi, which agrees with about 18,000 points ...

A = pi * r * r

Area of ​​the circle is equal to pi times the radius squared.


Pi = a: (R * r)

Pi is equal to the area divided by radius squared.

So could you calculate it yourself by you record any first circle and then the formula using top.

Hope I could help. :)

How would you like pi calculate?

The number pi is a constant, what are you supposed to calculate?

Through experiments and modern computer technology is calculated 3.1415 .... to much decimals whatsoever.

If you compare the formula d² x π / 4 to π to obtain: π = Is always constant.

I believe that one can not directly calculate the is just so .... Sounds kac.e is but so

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