socialize from dog & cat?

I get to a puppy shi (9 months) soon f. 3 where to care. frauchen was yesterday because sniff with him for mutual, because my cat (6 years) yes would get along with him. first meet was so-so ... dog has never had a cat seen u. my cat never had a dog. it has therefore been sniffing u. decided to be suspicious.

the puppy wants to play, my cat was the whirlwind probably too much. the dog has not left in peace, so do not go to them, but it has rather encouraged to play. da d. communication but almost unmögl. is because both totally differnet. have ended all in d the. pup did not stop them barking u. was downright naughty, because my cat is not went off on him u. my beloved cat, the rausbekommt almost no sound, at once sounds of itself was where my fear u. anxious was. a growl u. grollen the one exorcist, the water could be enough .. they smote also times for him, but thank god not taken. Little is quite untutored, meaning you can take it either still retrieve. what bothers me was that he was barking in d. to put energy right where his frauchen has yet sworn their dog would never bark ... my cat has thankfully on responding responsive u. the answer were quite miserably, also is it just behind the puppy ago when the wanted to leave. is there hope that the two do not tear at least?

they should not go straight to cuddly course, but I would like to know the little take me u. also might send something school, at least the basic rules. feed is clearly separate u. also a retreat there for my little, she has also preoccupied, but the puppy behind u. something can go bad u. what if I sleep n8ts? both are accustomed to bed u. I would not like to get between the fronts in the middle of sleep ... how are the next two look to meet? has anyone experience with it? Both animals live alone with their frauchen, therefore have in their home house u. kuschel right ... hope you can help.

Many thanks in advance, lg. cap *

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A 9-month-old dog is not a puppy anymore!

but a young dog on the rapid path to adulthood are. He should quickly learn what there is and what is not allowed. And must not chase cats you.

The do not want to play anymore, but he exerts HUNT!

the cat must retreats on cabinets or have in rooms to which the dog has no access (Kids grille!), and the dog must be seriously made clear that any run after is prohibited and may be punished immediately ....

Otherwise you will you there use a cat hunter ......

ps. the cat is in the time when the dog is present certainly would like to renounce their ancestral bed space.


As a backup, I would save the puppy on a leash. It may not disturb the cat simply. Since he is still too young, that he is right obedience, which is the only way. The house is anyway mostly just rested.

Otherwise, the contact should always start from the cat. It would be best if the cat has retreat places where the dog does not rankommt!

You can also teach the dog not to sleep in bed. It's only for a shorter time. Offer him a crib next to the bed and was consistent.

Otherwise, you can make yourself clever here:

Look on this website>

Dog and cats used to each other - a guide of paws Team> http: // a = 1 & t = 0 & y = 3001 & r = 0 & n = 246 & c = 25 & amp ...? =

please what is it a "shi" puppy? mine you a chihuahua or a shiba inu?

is important that msn at the beginning has the dog always on a leash - and anna ehrung can start from the cat ... for this must be made any time an escape ... for the most part the hoert with you on normally .. the cat may also give the puppies briefly cautionable which is often very helpful ...

but you realize that you can use the 2 in the beginning not leave you alone -without spatial separation?

the d puppy. did not stop them barking u. was downright cheeky,

Whether they will get along, you can not foresee, we can but try.

Here you can inform you how to merge the dog and cat:

http: // a = 1 & t = 0 & y = 3001 & r = 0 & n = 246 & c = 25 & amp ...?

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