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once got a question, have often heard that you should not burden permanently with over 2800 watts outlets. Now, what is permanent? Are 15 min suction with a 3000 watt vacuum cleaner ok? Should yes eigl. Or how it looks with electric heaters that have 3000 watts? The run then yes often several hours at a time! Can not be that you then can not use or making broken. oO

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Generally, it is in practice so the devices are sold with a standard plug can also be connected to the socket permanently. I know of no device known where that would be unthinkable, but probably consume hardly device permanently more than 2000 watts. What is that?

Devices with a steady load of greater than about 2000 watts, I would, regardless of the legal position, firmly connect (eg by oven connection box), recommended would be a 2.5 mm² cable instead of a 1,5er. However, I really talking about permanently! A fan heater off and on reaching the temperature turns off and maybe only 1/2 time running is not among them! Also, to measure whether the current actually flows permanently and it is not just a start-up power is briefly appears when I turn.

The problem is that the lines are hot when much current flows. Since safety buffers are always factored, but there are always vulnerabilities. And eventually melt halt the insulation and then speak is the K. steams. Would not risk I. But where on the world you have a vacuum cleaner with 3000 watts from?

Vacuums have a Anschaltmoment. at this moment they jump with the Watzahl on how she has set. At full power precisely at 3000 Watt followed an internal throttling lying underneath. In heaters with temperature measurement is only drawn to the current temperature is reached. Similarly, the well runs not permanently but only cools here and there after as the refrigerator. Besides, would a permanent consumption of 3kWh also cost money. are at 25 cents the kWh that 75 cent, the operating hour. As you consider twice whether one uses such devices hochgetackteten long.

For consumers consuming more than 15 amperes of current and which are permanently in use they should be firmly connected (ovens, etc.) In the short term, consumers can be connected to 3000 watts of power also to AC outlets. However, the cable cross-sections of high performance should meet. Never connect more than the cheap multiple sockets.

A professionally installed socket with 16 amps can be burdened with 3680 watts. And as long as you hold it right. Who What me the source name to other claims. VDE regulations or otherwise a manufacturer information

A DIN compliant earthed wall socket coped durable 3.5kW. From 2000W Sixteen no longer get stuck during operation, the Getät must be switched off. A cheap 1000W fryer must have no switch. The situation is different with extension cords and multiple plugs. The simple cheap are only designed for 10A, ie 2300W. The 2800W is often found on lightweight cable drums, so the relatively thin cables. A construction site cable drum for full power weighs about twice and is much more expensive.

15 minutes vacuuming is not a problem. Otherwise there would be no plug-in vacuum cleaner.

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