Software for (corporate) accounts?


I'm looking for my company a software for accounting. I vacillate between Zervant and Lexware. possibly Do you have an alternative that is even get free?

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First of all: to test a free accounting is ok. But if it comes in it to practical use, you should already anegen a little money to get a reasonable care. What is best in your case, you can not give a general answer. Personally, I would prefer an accounting, which is connected to the ERP system. The benefits are enormous. However, this solution is only useful for medium or larger companies because they do not come cheap.

I use SAGE GS-accountant.

The program is client-capable and can optionally be used as double accounting or EÜR.

The annual rate in the premium service is net € 231.00.

This includes several updates per year and a well-functioning telephone service with a "normal" telephone number are included.

I have the standard program.

There are also extensions that do not interest me.

That you could but see the side of the company.

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