Software Technical - Is there a Win XP Optimizer equivalent for Windows 7?

Hi, I would be interested in whether there is an equivalent for the Win XP Optimizer.

At that time, I have Win XP Optimizer downloaded and installed, and was strangely respectively happy about the existing functions. the operation. With Windows 7, the freeware is no longer applicable, so I want to have a new, acute version that serves the same purpose.

Unfortunately, I do not know where there is such a, and now hope that someone can help in answering the question inherent in me.

Where can I find a Windows 7 optimizer, which fulfills the same functions as Win XP Optimizer?

I look forward to answers. Regards! gota

The best answer

And what will "optimize" these Optimizer? Only the income of the programmers!

1. The physical basic parameters of the hardware can not be changed de facto. The timing of the processor is used very closely by the manufacturers, so a few MHz more overclocking the processor speed only in the parts per thousand range. Thereafter, the bus starts to brake ... The same applies to the hard disk and its controller in addition to the bus system. This eliminates for SSD's ...

2. Defragment brings something only in moderate areas. The programs and the BS no longer fragmented and the three currently used files really is not worth the effort ...

3. While "Mature" files occupy space, but really only interfere if they are memory hogs (≥ 1 MB) ...

4. Against Malware must use its antivirus programs, which then of course slow down the system again

5. The program format with a thousand DLL files in Windows just for the ass, since they practically not allowed to delete ...

6. Return to the initial question ...

Such Optimizer you should avoid like the plague. They do usually. more problems than you have without them. I use here no such tools and the system is running smoothly and stable for the past 4 years.

I know because the Cleaning Suite, which I use for 10 years. \ _31670745.html

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