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Hey on Friday's solar eclipse and you can look into the sun as with a normal sunglasses? I've heard that you can be blind allegedly

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In no case without special glasses reinguvken. This is available as a once variation in optician. So now even the explanation of why:

A normal pair of sunglasses is only the reflected light for example of roads walls etc are obscured. But these do not protect against UV radiation. The special glasses has a filter for UV radiation

The retina is the way that is insensitive to pain that one does not feel it, if this burns. The mach apparent only after a long time


Hey on Friday's solar eclipse and you can look into the sun as with a normal sunglasses?

No, it is strongly discouraged - you can quickly result in irreparable damage to the retina than you think. A better alternative would You need to build a filter definitely an eclipse glasses or solar film.

Glasses you have to still get the optician - for online bookings it would almost be too late.

Not only allegedly. If you look at the sun without protection, you risk severe eye damage or retinal damage which can go up to complete blindness.

So buy yourself rather goggles at the optician with a special filter if you want to look at the Sofi.

Yes, I also think that this is offense. But there are special eclipse glasses, but I do not know where you can buy the

Under no circumstances normal sunglasses. This damages your eye and can actually lead to blindness. At the optometrist can can make such glasses or goggles doe is available online at Amazon for 7 € are delivered in 24 hours.

No absolutely not! Of these, one is really blind! A very simple solution, as you may look at the darkness anyway: Just take a normal CD and looking through the. Then you will not go blind, really :) I hope I could help, and still look good luck with! LG Cool Draco :)

Without sunglasses you will not directly blind, but it can be your retina damage. So be rather careful.

A special sunglasses, anything else would be madness

GET Extra glasses

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