Solar eclipse on Friday, 03.20.2015

Hello it was the Internet that will take 2hours !! eclipse, but what does that mean? 2hours the the planet moving in front of the sun and then is gone again? Or the planet 2h before Sonnr ???

You know well how it is when you go to the school because certainly have other as well as I break it heist in this time jja iwas from 9:30 or 9:45 iwan there is the start but I'm sure that not all the glasses have, but all or those who may then break spend indoors or classroom because the risk is too high but that is the children look into the sun. Yeah the major know that you had not intended daily but there's always that make the. Yes matter, I am pleased with your answer

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during an eclipse pushes the moon between the Sun and Earth. A little more detail I have formulated here:


Although it also happens that one of the planets Mercury or Venus passes in front of the sun that happened but again until 2016. Then it is called a transit.

The you mentioned two hours relating to the duration of darkness, that is, from the first to the last contact.

An extra hour in class in all classes I hold very sensible so you you times on notice sets what there really happened, and especially with the risks connected it is when you look at the sun without protection. For darkness itself could be the whole school to the phase of the largest cover.

In my opinion, such a thing should be strengthened turn taken in the classroom anyway ;-)


What happens is that the orbit of the moon in these 2 hours between Sun and Earth passes - is the moon blocks the sun (but only to a maximum of 70%, so it is not very dark)

Depending on where you live, the time is slightly different when the moon is furthest from the sun.

It pushes itself not a planet across the sun, but the moon.

And the sun reaches the first on one side, then pushes "before her passing" until he has it completely leave. All together takes about 2 hours.

The school could, for example, build a lens and allow sunlight to fall on a white surface. Then everyone can see the image of the sun, and how front pushes the moon. Then no one has to look at the sun.

A sun darkness is Who is the moon moves in front of the sun.

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