sold Because bereavement dog

Have müssen.Habe Add my dog ​​for long-term care into the contract: If do not like the dog is returned to previous owners. Despite verbal agreement I after 7 days will come to pick up again for chipping and vaccinating my dog ​​and also to see if and how a successful connection to the dog refuses and prevents the Buyer any contact with my dog. Can I make the purchase contract canceled?

The best answer

So I have to come to the fore different opinion because times!

I can understand completely that one is worried what about the dog! what normal person denied the contact after a week? especially since it was denied! ? I find that too funny !! question some games when proper amt if that can help you because you care about the welfare of the dog doing! there is a sales contract on a subject. (So ​​sad that is). why should not you in a certain period of it may come back !? it comes to the welfare of the dog! if the proper amt really no concern has you have to accept that.

I would also be no peace!

prevents the Buyer any contact with my dog

Error - it is no longer your dog

No, now that you have sold the dog, have you even more, no right to see him.

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