Soliloquies despite people

I'm as already gennant really seeeehr many soliloquies, although I have a best friend I can tell you everything, but I keep my "real" problems for me why this is so?

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I once read that soliloquies are nothing bad or unnatural. You can help one to cope with problems. Sometimes there is such a inhibitions to talk to others about his real problems. One is afraid how responsive the other, afraid of being laughed at. If you want to but that your friend finds out about your real problems, then you write a letter in which you describe your problems and give it to her. Maybe it helps you then with your problems.

Is with me always so. Sometimes I think that my "best friend" and can not help themselves and seeking solutions

Sometimes it happens that you some secrets so much emphasis is that you do not verratest. That makes your mind subconsciously. That would not be good or you would be ashamed of yourself holding your subconscious it from the blabbing about your girlfriend. Nevertheless, the need to get out at some point and so Prince du soliloquies. I do that too.

Vetrauensängste? Were you ever fucked?

which is a sign of intelligence. I think at least (:

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