solll I euthanize my beloved dog?

Hello, my dog ​​is now almost 18jahre he is blind and deaf from day to day, it seems so that it goes bad it t. he was always pure stuben since lengeren it kicks off at which he more often in the whg. power . be larger business it can become difficult to make it is more meal at but often does nothing or only a little bit. manchmall he just stands there quite unconscious .or he sleeps all day .manchmall he Friest lot or almost nothing. run he does quite lannnnnnnngsam for nomalen away where you put 5 minutes I need almost 40min with the dog. it may also be that he wants to run not at all and simply stops. barking for years he no longer does it matter now and then he comes here and wants to cuddle. with his tail he wobbles prop .. no longer just who he vilt. mall a different dog looks. He is always by my side gehwehsen and I lack the decision really hard.

what am I to do ????????

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Hey! Exactly the same I have experienced with my Bonnie - and to your description or even can happen that he make the business collapses and sits in his heap because leaves him the power and maybe that night he no longer sleep can, because he could not breathe because of water in the lungs. I can sympathize with you 100% of what you just moved. It is difficult, the neutral but do you think about this: You know your dog best, know what it is fun and what he looks like when he's happy. What you see it today in his face? Do you think you might like that his life is still worth living and want to or can you answer for it that he can go on living? If you can do that with a clear conscience, then you look over each additional day. At this stage we had the vet at home and we also caught up and matched, as it is required to continue, if it gets worse the Council. For example, we have then redeemed at home and had not taken to the vet and the cremation preplanned before. When it was done, we were able to concentrate only on the farewell. This is a hard road, but your friend deserves that you take over this responsibility for him. I wish you for a lot of strength and the confidence that you are doing the best for your comrades. Let him not unnecessarily endure - that he does not deserve. Lieben Gruss Don

Hello, I can understand your dilemma well in which you find yourself. I always had animals and knows exactly how you feel now. Your mind tells you pretty much longer, what's yet to come both, but the feeling will not let go. Hopefully you have a good TA whom you trust, then pulling him for advice and watch your dog closely. He will tell you when the time has come and he wants to go. The age-related complaints it has are mostly people to look much worse for us than the dog perceives it. But in no case he may suffer pain, that would be selfish. But you're not, yes shows your message in which you ask for help.

I believe in your heart you've already made a decision. Even if you do not want to admit it at the moment. A lull beloved pet is never an easy decision, and no matter how much suffering the animal, it's suddenly from one day to the next is no longer there. But please try to free yourself from your own feelings and think of the welfare of your pet. If you have the feeling that he really suffers, you should free him from his suffering. That's the best thing you can do friendship and loyalty to him after 18 years. Talk to your vet about it and ask him for his opinion.

I can very well understand how you feel! I had to say goodbye to four weeks by my dog. We were almost 11 years, a team!

I had always terrified to recognize the "right" time. But if you know your dog and love you will realize the time.

I was always told by my doctors that animal is the time when the dog is no longer actively participates in your life. If he does what a dog does z. B. when eating, like walks and you would see ... then he does not have fun in life.

he no longer does it all, it is time to let go. Do not suffer your friend and keep him in good memory! Surely you have always done what's best for your dog and even in these difficult times, you should only do what is best for your dog!

Maybe it helps yes the poem of the Rainbow Bridge on ...

I wish you lots of strengh!

Since you obviously do not care you have no sense of betrayal felt when you decide that it should now be over.

go with the dog to the vet. if he suffers you should save him ...

I can understand your thoughts very well ...

... And you so clearly missing even just a tiny nudge in the right direction ...

One always says so: who to his dog has a close and trusting bond, the feel when the dog says, "Hello loved one, I can not ... Please go to the last journey with me ..."

It's really true greatness and love for animals to leave a beloved pet walk across the Rainbow Bridge when the dog's life is not worth living ...

You should talk with your veterinarian; you prove your old dog a last service.

I wish you strength for the decision in favor of your dog.

Ask your vet if he advises the euthanasia then have to stand your feelings. You may not like him leave just because you can not let go.

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