Solutions Ukraine conflict

As I look at the news as very critical and as good as hardly anything believe what these instil us try I ask you just once.

What solutions would there for the Ukraine - Russia - conflict?

Please no propaganda or so ... I want neutral and clever Vorscläge. Especially NEUTRAL!

The best answer

Options are:

- Russia returns the Crimea and listens to support the separatists

- Russia no longer supports the separatists, but retains the Crimea

- The Ukraine is the east of their country from

A solution for the Ukrainian civil war would be to grant the east of the country within the Ukrainian state association's autonomy and to anchor the non-aligned status of Ukraine in the constitution.

This would for Ukraine also make the way bridge between the EU not to become a frontline state against Russia to Russia, to the benefit of all.

The Crimea is not negotiable option. The train has left a year ago.

The Kiev government does not get more military aid, also gets asked no prospect to offers no NATO troops stationed so that Poroshenko and syndicate with the separatists seriously must set the behavior. Should it come to Kiev to a coup that namely the promise of the new Kiev government of eastern Ukraine could also be a new beginning, give far reaching autonomy. The separatists would probably engage in such an offer, because it would be always better than bleeding to death on the battlefield and the autonomous region be found devastated.

Also a constructive negotiation with Russia would denkbatr, namely schriftl. Assurances that Ukraine is not part of NATO and there no US missile belt is installed. In return, Moscow would no longer provide military aid to the eastern Ukraine.

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