someone does not know a student loan for foreigners from the KFW?

Hello, I'm without my parents in Germany. My parents are from Iran. So not EU. I studied 4 semesters and then switched to architecture. I here just in the 2nd sem. Therefore, I can not prove the 90 end of the loan Weerden semester required by KFW and now seeking an alternative financing. Does anyone have tips? Would be very grateful! Lg

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Until recently, there was the offer of the EKK, here it is enough if you have a residence permit for the entire study. Meanwhile fused the EKK with the EDG to Evangelical Bank. Call there to see if it still gives students credit:

Just ask times in the Bank NEM student loan. The are you already say what there is for options and what criteria you have to meet it. Basically, I think it is unlikely, but ask costing you know, nothing.

I would ask in this case, times when private lenders, banks etc.. There is this good info ( ) Otherwise turn thee times the student advisor, who can you help with security also.

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